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The Beaming White System is a professional light-activated teeth whitening system that combines the strongest, freshest gels with our high-powered Futura™ 2400 blue LED teeth whitening light.

The system utilizes a hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening gel that is highly effective yet safe for sensitive teeth. The gel is in a pen-style applicator brush and is carefully brushed onto natural teeth that have experienced some surface and/or subsurface stains from eating and drinking that leave stains on or in the tooth enamel. Soft mouth tissue is protected with the use of a cheek retractor and vitamin e swabs. 


Most Beaming White customers have been very pleased with their bright confident smile. 

So what are you waiting for? Book a brighter smile online today! 

The treatment can be self-administered  with our assistance if you prefer due to COVID19

Need more information? Read our FAQs below

Is this safe & does it hurt? 

The process is often safe, but it can cause temporary teeth sensitivity to cold. Those with gum disease might experience irritation because their gum tissues are not healthy and some people may people experience mild gum irritation, but this will go away after some time. Only use whitening products if your gums don’t bleed when you floss

*Be cautious of the foods you eat prior to treatment as superficial scratches in the gums may be a cause of gum irritation during and/or after the treatment.

People with tiny cracks in their tooth enamel, any stage of dental carries, or very thin or porous enamel might experience tooth sensitivity from peroxide-based whitening gels. If this happens to you, discontinue use and see your dentist if desired. Minerals Enamel Booster, as well as the remineralizing and desensitizing gel that comes in some of our kits, does help with tooth sensitivity.

How long is the treatment? 

We provide two options for teething whitening:  30-minute maintenance treatment for $85 and the 1-hour full treatment for $150.


The maintenance treatment is 30minutes 2 back-to-back 15min applications, designed for those needing maintenance after they have already received a full service within 4 months (depends on eating habits) or for those who are satisfied with their current color and just want a little brightening.


The full service consists of 3 back-to-back  20-minutes applications. The system was designed to use all three applications to get the proper whitening results.

  • 1st application mostly opens the pores in the enamel.

  • 2nd application begins to visually whiten the teeth.

  • 3rd application dramatic whitening results are achieved.


How often should I get treatments? 

  • Hydrogen Peroxide Gel: Once every 6-12 months.

  • Carbamide Peroxide Gel: Complete treatment once every 3-6 months. Maintenance treatments once a month.

  • Non-Peroxide Gel: Once a month.

How white can my teeth get?– Factors Beyond Your Control 

On average people see their teeth get 4 shades lighter and some people up to 8 shades. This system works on natural teeth only.

Teeth composition varies from one person to another. Therefore, various types of teeth have their maximum whiteness levels beyond which they will not whiten no matter what process is used.

Teeth naturally discolor with age as over time the tooth enamel thins to reveal more of the dentin which lies below. Some people have darker dentin than others which can be yellowish in color, and it’s this which makes the teeth appear yellow. In cases like these, it’s virtually impossible to whiten teeth because teeth whitening products are only designed to lighten the outer appearance of our teeth, the enamel, and won’t be able to penetrate into the dentin. In cases like these consult with your dentist about other alternatives that may be suggested such as bonding or porcelain veneers.

How long will my teeth remain white? 

The only way to keep your teeth from getting stained and discolored is to refrain from the things which caused the discoloration in the first place, whether that be smoking or drinking coffee or tea, or all of these things. Some people may find it impossible to make these changes, which we totally understand, but if you really want to keep your teeth whiter for longer, adopting some of these lifestyle changes will help. Also, bear in mind that only real teeth can be whitened. Whitening will not work on crowns, veneers, dentures, or fillings.

What to avoid 

Protect your investment by making sure your stunning results will last a long time. The first 2-3 days after the treatment is critical. So you need to be more aware of your food intake as certain food types discolor your teeth. Avoid them during this timeframe.

These include but are not limited to the following:

  • Tea and coffee can stain your teeth instantly

  • Dark-colored sauces. Avoid red pasta sauce, soy sauce, barbecue sauce

  • Fruit juice.

  • Dark chocolate. This contains caffeine and thus could stain your teeth

  • Acidic food. Lemons, oranges, and other citrus fruits should be avoided as acidic or sour foods can weaken your enamel

As a general rule of thumb, don’t take any food or drink that will stain a white shirt for 2-3 days after teeth whitening.

If you must insist on drinking coffee or soda or other dark-colored drinks, just use a straw instead of sipping directly from your cup. By using a straw, the liquid will not come in contact with your teeth.


At-home maintenance 

Brush your teeth twice a day with a desensitizing toothpaste that contains potassium nitrate and fluoride to decrease tooth sensitivity while you whiten.


What we recommend 

We recommend following up with a take-home kit or pen to prevent color regression and further enhance the results. And finally, we recommend you purchase Minerals Enamel Booster which will seal in the results, alleviate any tooth sensitivity you may experience (if any), and to remineralize and strengthen your enamel. Be very wary of others offering cheaper deals.  Often spas will split up kits and use only one application. 

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